Politics and Leadership: Empowering Women for a Progressive Nigeria


Hon. Stella Okotete is an influential figure within the All Progressives Congress (APC) and a champion for women's empowerment in Nigerian politics. As the current National Women Leader of the APC Caretaker/Extra-Ordinary Convention Planning Committee (CECPC), she has played a pivotal role in shaping the party's policies and promoting gender inclusivity.With a track record of active participation in various committees, Hon. Stella Okotete has proven her commitment to the party's growth and success. She has served as a member of esteemed committees such as the National Convention Committee, the National Presidential Convention Committee, the Women and Youth Presidential Campaign Team, and the 2019 Presidential Campaign Council — Women Mobilization. Her involvement in these committees showcases her dedication to advancing the APC's agenda and ensuring women's active involvement in political processes.
One of Hon. Stella Okotete's notable achievements as the National Women Representative is the coordination of the 2019 Presidential and National Assembly elections in Delta Central. Her grassroots campaign and hard work contributed to the victory of President Muhammadu Buhari in Delta Central and the state as a whole. This accomplishment highlights her strategic leadership and ability to mobilize support for the party's candidates.

Hon. Stella Okotete's leadership extends beyond her roles within the APC. She has initiated groundbreaking projects and schemes to promote women's visibility and inclusivity in politics, party processes, and governance. The "Progressive Young Women Forum (PYWF)" serves as a platform for progressive young women to amplify their collective concerns, fostering gender inclusion in politics. Additionally, the "APC Women Lobby Group" advocates for constitutional reforms, the eradication of violence against women in politics, and the inclusion of professional female bodies in the party.
Recognizing the importance of skills and knowledge acquisition, Hon. Stella Okotete established the "Progressive Women Academy." This digital learning platform provides Nigerian women with the opportunity to enhance their abilities, transform their lives, and prepare for leadership positions. She also launched the "Progressive Women Trust Fund" to support progressive women interested in pursuing political office by providing them with the necessary financial backing. Her commitment to grassroots empowerment is further exemplified through the "Progressive Women Movement."

 This cooperative operates across all 774 local government areas in Nigeria, empowering grassroots women with entrepreneurship skills and business management techniques. By providing women with the tools they need to succeed, Hon. Stella Okotete aims to foster economic independence and promote women's active participation in various sectors.
The office of the National Women Representative, under the leadership of Hon. Stella Okotete, continually works towards engendering women's visibility and inclusivity in governance, business, and politics. With a firm support for President Muhammadu Buhari and the establishment of the Buhari Media Advocate (BMA), she actively promotes the President's activities and campaigns for his re-election.
Hon. Stella Okotete's tireless efforts, strategic initiatives, and dedication to women's empowerment have positioned her as a transformative leader within Nigerian politics. Through her leadership and advocacy, she strives to create a more progressive and inclusive Nigeria, where women have equal opportunities to contribute and lead.

Awards and Accolades

Most Outstanding Women Philanthropist in Nigeria (WESHNET) - 2022

Young CEOs Honours Roll - Outstanding Youth Enabler - 2022

Award of Excellence – Department of Account – University of Benin - 2022

ZAAT International Peace & Development Award - 2022

Conceptualizing the Nigeria Export Academy (NEXA) - 2021

Initiated the Women and Youth Export Facility (WAYEF) - 2021

Modelled and initiated the Small and Medium Enterprise Export Facility (SMEEF) - 2021

Conceptualization of the Progressive Women Academy (Digital) - 2020

Outstanding Female Public Servant of the Year – Nigerian Society of Engineers (Spouses Forum) - 2020

Icon of Humanitarian Service- All Middle Belt Youth Forum - 2019

Integrity Award of Excellence – Nigerian Women in Politics and Good Leadership - 2018

Icon of Positive Politics & Role Model Award- National Association of Nigerian Female Students

Most Influential Woman in Business and Government - Africa’s Most Influential Women inBusiness and Government - 2018/19

Icon of Vision and Development- Institute of Corporate Administration of Nigeria - 2017

Entrepreneurs of the Year - Delta Young Professionals - 2013

Young Ambassador for Peace MDGS Ambassadors of Peace - 2012

Humanitarian of the Year - African Humanitarian Initiative - 2012